Here at Roof Stores, we thought we’d create a little game to see how well our customers’ knowledge was surrounding collectables. Perhaps some of the objects you see in this picture are things you still have in your attic? If so, it might be worthwhile hunting them down, as a few of these collectables are worth a lot of money today! Unfortunately, however, there are a few in this picture that, at one time were also worth a lot, but today have dramatically lost their value, and it may be best to just do a bit of decluttering!


So, can you spot the collectables that are valuable today and the ones that aren’t?



There are 21 collectables above, 10 of which are valuable, but can you figure out which ones?

The collectables are as follows;

  • Star Wars Poster
  • Trainspotting Poster
  • Dracula Poster
  • Royal Memorabilia
  • Vintage Playboy Magazines
  • Tamagotchi
  • Pokemon Cards
  • Disney VHS Tapes
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (First Edition)
  • Beanie Babies
  • McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
  • Audio Receiver
  • Old Comics
  • iPod Classic
  • Superman Lunchbox
  • Sony Walkman
  • Cabbage Patch Kids
  • Pogs
  • Modern Star Wars Toys
  • Hummel Figurines


Answers below, don’t peek!


The 10 Valuable Collectables

  1. Dracula Poster = £405,000

One of the surviving movie posters of the 1931 horror classic Dracula was sold for just over £405,000 in 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

  1. Vintage Playboy Magazine = £55,480

According to Nostomania’s 100 most value magazines, the “Newsstand” edition of the very first Playboy is currently worth over £55,000.

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (First Edition) = £50,000

There will be a lot of people reading this and rushing to the bookshelf to see if they still have their Harry Potter books. Unfortunately, just having a Philosopher’s Stone book isn’t enough. In order to secure £50,000, the book must first be the first edition, it must be a hardback copy and must have the numbers 10 to 1 printed down the back of the title page.

  1. Superman Lunch Box = £12,500

DC Comics’ most recognisable superhero has a lunch box valued at a supersized £12,500. If you have one, make sure that it’s in mint condition as the value of these lunch boxes decreases rapid with minimal wear and tear.

  1. Marantz 2600 Audio Receiver = £4,700

Audio receivers, in general, are going for decent money at the moment, but a Marantz 2600 was sold on eBay for an ear piercing £4,700. This will be music to your ears if you own one!

  1. Apple iPod Classic = £1,000

A lot of people are cashing in an old-school Apple iPod Classics right now. eBay currently has a lot being sold around the £1,000 mark. If you own one, you may want to consider doing the same.

  1. Sony Walkman = £515

You will love the sound of this if you own an old Sony Walkman. Back in the day, these were very fashionable costing around £150. Today these are selling for up to around £500!

  1. Motorola DynaTAC = £400

The Motorola DynaTAC was the first mobile phone ever, and if you still own one, you could get around £400.

  1. Nintendo Entertainment System = £100

While you won’t be able to recoup what you might have paid back when it was released, you could still get close to £100 for one if you’ve got all the original cables and controllers.

  1. Tamagotchi = £25

Almost every kid in the 90s owned a virtual pet in their pocket. The Tamagotchi cost parents around £10 back then and today you could get that back and more, with some going for up to £25-£30.