Crystic Roof

Crystic roof is a cold lay, liquid applied roofing membrane system. It is a durable replacement for traditional roofing materials such as bitumen and lead.

Suitable for roof structures, walkways and balconies; it remains watertight and maintenance-free for many years. It is also very easy to implement and eliminates the need to use heat applied materials and equipment. Sag-resistant pre-pigmented topcoats ensure an optimum surface finish.

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  1. CrysticROOF Coolcure 20Kg
    CrysticROOF Coolcure Coolcure 20Kg
    From  £98.57  inc VAT
    From  £82.14  ex VAT
  2. CrysticROOF Resin
    CrysticROOF GRP Resin
    From  £35.70  inc VAT
    From  £29.75  ex VAT
  3. CrysticROOF Topcoat
    CrysticROOF GRP Topcoat
    From  £36.34  inc VAT
    From  £30.28  ex VAT
  4. Catalyst Dispenser
    Scott Bader Catalyst Dispenser
    From  £17.59  inc VAT
    From  £14.66  ex VAT
  5. Catalyst M
    Scott Bader Catalyst M Clear
    From  £28.87  inc VAT
    From  £24.06  ex VAT
  6. Winter Catalyst
    Scott Bader Winter Catalyst 500g HBO50
    From  £14.66  inc VAT
    From  £12.22  ex VAT
  7. Chopped Strand Mat
    Scott Bader Chopped Strand Mat - One Edge Trim
    From  £132.71  inc VAT
    From  £110.59  ex VAT
  8. Woven Tape
    Scott Bader Woven Glassfibre Tape
    From  £19.08  inc VAT
    From  £15.90  ex VAT
  9. Damp Seal Bonding Primer
    Scott Bader G4 Damp Seal Bonding Primer
    From  £47.58  inc VAT
    From  £39.65  ex VAT
  10. Easy Gap Filler
    Scott Bader Easy One Gap Filler 3.5 Ltr
    From  £45.61  inc VAT
    From  £38.01  ex VAT
  11. Iron Silicate
    Scott Bader Iron Silicate Grade 3 25Kg Bag
    From  £26.66  inc VAT
    From  £22.22  ex VAT
  12. F300 Flat Flashing
    Scott Bader Flat Flashing
    From  £198.58  inc VAT
    From  £165.48  ex VAT

Items 1-16 of 33

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