Pitched Roofing

If you’re constructing or repairing a pitched roof, look no further than Roof Stores for advice, support and the highest quality materials. We understand that your roofing doesn’t simply need to be functional and robust, it should also visually coordinate with your property.

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  1. OSB3
    SmartPly OSB 3 2440 x 1220 x 18mm
    From  £22.09  inc VAT
    From  £18.41  ex VAT
  2. Redland Stonewold Mk2 Slate Grey
    Redland Stonewold Mk2 Concrete Slate (4161)
    From  £6.88  inc VAT
    From  £5.73  ex VAT
  3. Redland Duoplain Charcoal Grey
    Redland Duoplain Concrete Tile ( 6101 )
    From  £1.18  inc VAT
    From  £0.98  ex VAT
  4. Redland Cathedral Brindle
    Redland Cathedral (5921)
    From  £2.47  inc VAT
    From  £2.06  ex VAT
  5. Redland 50 Double Roman Cotswold
    Redland 50 Double Roman Concrete Tile (2201)
    From  £1.03  inc VAT
    From  £0.86  ex VAT
  6. Redland 50 Double Roman
    Redland 50 Double Roman Concrete Half Tile
    From  £2.59  inc VAT
    From  £2.16  ex VAT
  7. Redland 49 Antique Red
    Redland 49 Concrete Tile (1101)
    From  £0.85  inc VAT
    From  £0.71  ex VAT
  8. Zinc Screws
    Multi-Purpose Zinc Screws
    From  £4.03  inc VAT
    From  £3.36  ex VAT
  9. Marley Wessex Smooth Grey
    Marley Wessex Concrete Tile (106)
    From  £1.96  inc VAT
    From  £1.63  ex VAT
  10. Marley Thrutone Tile
    Marley Thrutone
    From  £1.00  inc VAT
    From  £0.83  ex VAT
  11. Plain Tile and Half
    Marley Plain Concrete Tile and Half
    From  £0.84  inc VAT
    From  £0.70  ex VAT
  12. Marley Plain Tile Old English Dark Red
    Marley Plain Concrete Tile
    From  £0.42  inc VAT
    From  £0.35  ex VAT
  13. Eaves Tile
    Marley Plain Concrete Eaves Tile
    From  £0.42  inc VAT
    From  £0.35  ex VAT
  14. Marley Modern Old English Dark Red
    Marley Modern Concrete Tile (with Nail Hole)
    From  £1.04  inc VAT
    From  £0.87  ex VAT
  15. Marley Modern
    Marley Modern Concrete Half Tile (with Nail Holes)
    From  £1.09  inc VAT
    From  £0.91  ex VAT
  16. Marley Mendip Anthracite
    Marley Mendip Concrete Tile
    From  £1.08  inc VAT
    From  £0.90  ex VAT

Items 1-16 of 268

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Pitched Roofing

With our extensive range, you’ll be able to choose materials that do the job and look the part. Take your pick from:

Tiles and Slates

Roof Stores stocks a wide variety of tiles and slates including clay, concrete, natural slate, fibre cement and man-made. This gives our customers the freedom to choose which material works best for their build.

Roofing Timber

It’s not just the exterior that needs taken care of, we also provide a range of roofing timber including batten and OSB board to ensure the structure is sound.


We offer materials such as breathable roofing felt and non-breathable roofing felt, allowing you to select the right tool for the job.



If you want to avoid issues such as damp or mould in your roof space it’s crucial to properly ventilate. Roof Stores stock a range of solutions including roof tile vents, chimney cowl vents as well as eave and soffit ventilation to ensure your roof can adequately combat condensation.

Lead Flashings

To guarantee that your roofing remains leak-free it’s important to invest in high-quality lead flashing. This sits along the seams of your roof and chimney stack to aid water runoff. Roof Stores offers a range of lead options including Code 3, 4, 5 and 6 lead roll (Code 4 is the most widely used) as well as flashing tape and additional lead flashing alternatives.



Aside from the core materials, you will need a range of accessories and sundries to complete your project to the highest possible standard. We stock a wide selection of additional products including dry fix systems, GRP valleys, undercloak, mortar products, nails, clips and screws to ensure our customers have all the necessary kit.

Lead Accessories

The lead components of your roof will need to be suitably secured and maintained to ensure they provide adequate protection. We supply a selection of products to keep this up to standard including patination oil, leadwork fixings, lead sheet sealant and flexislates.

We Stock what You Need

We stock supplies from leading manufacturers such as Redland, Marley, Forticrete and Sandtoft who are all well-known for providing quality at affordable prices. Whatever you need for your pitched roof construction or repair, browse the website to find the right materials for the job.


We’re Here to Help

If you can’t find what you want, or you need some advice just ask us. Give us a call to make an order or an enquiry on 0330 123 1885.