Breathable Roofing Felt

Breathable roofing felt is considered as a core component of any roof installation project, and it’s important that you choose a breathable roof felt that will optimise the longevity and durability of your roof.

Breathable material is important as it not only allows water vapour to exit your roof space, it assists in lowering heat loss and acts as an effective barrier against dust and insects.

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  1. Tyvek Supro
    Tyvek Supro ( without tape )
    From  £83.34  inc VAT
    From  £69.45  ex VAT
  2. Tyvek Supro (with tape)
    Tyvek Supro Plus (with tape) 50x1.5m
    From  £170.59  inc VAT
    From  £142.16  ex VAT
  3. Tyvek UV Facade
    Tyvek UV Facade 50m x 1.5m Roll
    From  £228.28  inc VAT
    From  £190.23  ex VAT
  4. Til-R Breather Membrane
    Til-R Breather Membrane
    From  £59.72  inc VAT
    From  £49.77  ex VAT
  5. Permo® Light
    Klober Permo Light 50m x 1.1m
    From  £160.79  inc VAT
    From  £133.99  ex VAT

5 Items

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