Roof ventilation is crucial for stopping condensation building up in roof spaces. There are many ways to address this including tile and slate vents, eaves ventilation, ventilated ridge kits and breathable membranes as well as cowls for chimneys and flues.

Roof Stores provide a wide range of pitched roofing ventilation products and accessories to help you avoid this issue.

Best Sellers
  1. Profile Tile Vent Double Roman
    Klober In Line Double Roman KG9857
    As low as
    From  £29.17  inc VAT
    From  £24.31  ex VAT
  2. Klober Universal Tile Vent & Cap
    Klober Universal Vent Base with Cap KG985403
    As low as
    From  £32.88  inc VAT
    From  £27.40  ex VAT
  3. Klober Roll Out Rafter Tray
    Klober Roll Out Rafter Tray 600mm x 6m KP971600
    From  £13.90  inc VAT
    From  £11.58  ex VAT
  4. KG979800 Soil Adaptor for Uni Vent
    Klober Universal Vent Soil Adaptor KG979800
    From  £22.39  inc VAT
    From  £18.66  ex VAT