Roof Tile Vents

Available in a wide choice of sizes and colours, we supply a range of roof tile vents from well-known brands such as Ubbink, Klober, Manthorpe, Marley and Redland.

Designed to significantly reduce condensation in loft space and optimise the longevity and durability of your roof, roof tile vents offer exceptional ventilation to extend the lifespan of roof applications.

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  1. KG979630 Cap for Large Slate Vent
    Klober Large Slate Vent Cap Slate Grey KG979630
    From  £7.76  inc VAT
    From  £6.47  ex VAT
  2. Klober Universal Tile Vent & Cap
    Klober Universal Vent Base with Cap KG985403
    As low as
    From  £32.88  inc VAT
    From  £27.40  ex VAT
  3. KG979800 Soil Adaptor for Uni Vent
    Klober Universal Vent Soil Adaptor KG979800
    From  £22.39  inc VAT
    From  £18.66  ex VAT
  4. Adaptor for Universal Vent 100mm
    Klober Universal Vent Adaptor KG968300
    From  £12.07  inc VAT
    From  £10.06  ex VAT
  5. KG992800 Adaptor and Flexipipe
    Klober Plain Vent Adaptor Flexi KG992800
    From  £18.49  inc VAT
    From  £15.41  ex VAT
  6. KG990500 Plain Vent Adaptor - single
    Klober Plain Vent Adaptor Single KG990500
    From  £12.05  inc VAT
    From  £10.04  ex VAT
  7. KG979100 Slate Profile Adaptor 10K
    Klober Slate Profile Adaptor 10K KG979100
    From  £5.42  inc VAT
    From  £4.52  ex VAT
  8. KG8000 Top Vent Tile Adaptor
    Klober Top Vent Tile Adaptor 100mm KG8000
    From  £20.12  inc VAT
    From  £16.77  ex VAT

8 Items

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