Fibre Cement Slates

Fibre cement slates provide an attractive, highly functional solution for a variety of residential and commercial roofing projects. In addition to roofing, these slates can also be used for facades and cladding.

Our carefully selected range of fibre cement slates includes smooth face square edge tiles, smooth face dressed edge tiles, riven face square edge tiles and riven face dressed edge tiles. 

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  1. Cembrit Moorland
    Cembrit Moorland 600mm x 300mm Blue Black
    From  £1.32  inc VAT
    From  £1.10  ex VAT
  2. Marley Rivendale
    Marley Rivendale 600mm x 300mm Blue/Black
    From  £1.58  inc VAT
    From  £1.32  ex VAT
  3. Marley Rivendale 600 x 600mm
    Marley Rivendale 600mm x 600mm Blue/Black
    From  £3.17  inc VAT
    From  £2.64  ex VAT
  4. Cembrit Jutland
    Cembrit Jutland
    From  £1.24  inc VAT
    From  £1.03  ex VAT
  5. Cembrit Westerland
    Cembrit Westerland
    From  £1.55  inc VAT
    From  £1.29  ex VAT
  6. Cembrit Zeeland
    Cembrit Zeeland
    From  £1.44  inc VAT
    From  £1.20  ex VAT
  7. Marley Thrutone Tile
    Marley Thrutone
    From  £1.00  inc VAT
    From  £0.83  ex VAT

9 Items

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