1. How to Install Roof Windows

    How to Install Roof Windows

    Once you understand how to install roof windows, you can start to adapt areas of your home that require more daylight and ventilation. Depending on your DIY experience and the complexity of the job you may require a professional firm to install the window(s) on your property. However, doing your research on how the process works and the best materials...
  2. A Guide to Roof Windows

    A Guide to Roof Windows

    If you are planning an extension or conversion to your home or need to brighten up darker spaces that do not receive much light, reading our guide to roof windows will help you make the right decision for your property. From improved sound and thermal insulation to better ventilation - roof windows instantly add a whole new dimension to your...
  3. An Aerial View of the Future - Drones in Construction

    An Aerial View of the Future - Drones in Construction

      There is an aerial revolution happening across the globe. Drones have emerged as a highly viable commercial tool with applications in numerous sectors, most notably, construction. This isn't surprising, as their benefits range from on-site safety to a level of project monitoring which wasn't previously possible. A market set to be worth billions over the coming years, there's no...
  4. Constructing a Flat Roof

    Constructing a Flat Roof

    As with the construction of any type of roofing system, it's crucial to understand the correct process and essential criteria involved in flat roofing construction. While many will contact a professional installation company to complete the job, there are others who will feel confident enough in their own ability to install a flat roof onto the structure. Read through our...
  5. The Legacy of Grand Designs

    The Legacy of Grand Designs

      The enduring popularity of Channel 4’s love letter to architecture, Grand Designs, demonstrates the UK's passion for beautiful buildings. The show has seen designer Kevin McCloud track the progress of hundreds of imaginative projects. Over 18 series and almost 200 episodes, the show has acted as escapism for those who dream of constructing their own perfect home.   GRAND...
  6. The Case for Conservation Friendly Construction

    The Case for Conservation Friendly Construction

    It's becoming increasingly clear that we need to adapt our construction methods to be more environmentally friendly. However, this isn't just a case of green energy and sustainable materials, plans must also account for the local ecosystem. The construction of both residential and commercial properties is encroaching further and further into our countryside. As a result, wildlife habitats are negatively...

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